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CUP OF EXCELLENCE 3rd place Colombia El Cedral Geisha

COE 3位 コロンビア エル セドラル ゲイシャ


Colombia El Cedral GeishaはMel Coffee Roastersが単独落札した、CUP OF EXCELLENCEのオークションで3位受賞となったコーヒーです。COEは90.33のスコアをマークし、そのコーヒーはエレガントで華やかでフルーティーでそしてハニープロセスからくる甘さと口当たりがとても上品な味わいです。








ドリッパー CT62

スケール @ultrakoki

グラインダー P01

挽き目 690μm

お豆 15g

お湯 225g

水 75ppm

温度 92度

トータルタイム 1分30~45秒


Colombia El Cedral Geisha is the coffee that won 3rd place in the CUP OF Excellence auction, which was successful bid by Mel Coffee Roasters. With a COE score of 90.33, the coffee is elegant, bright, fruity, and has a very refined taste with the sweetness and texture from the honey process.

Ángel Rojas has been a coffee producer for 30 years. He took him to a company and taught him with dedication everything he had learned, Angel, applying all these teachings, reaches Tasa de La Excelencia, and obtains third place, something that has motivated him and filled him with pride, special coffees have changed his way of life.

Overall:Juicy, layered, bold, round coffee, Almond, Apricot, Banana, Blueberry, Brown Spice, Coffee Blossom, Floral, Grape, Honey, Juicy, Mango, Melon, Nutty, Panela, Peach, White Peach


Farm El Cedral

Country   Colombia

Area      Tolima

Process   Honey

Variety  Geisha


▪️Panama ABU Geisha Washed GW-7

パナマ アブー ゲイシャ ウォッシュド GW-7

Farm      ABU COFFEE

Country   Panama

Area      Canas Verdes

Process   Washed

Variety   Geisha

Altitude 1550m


・Colombia El Alto

コロンビア エルアルト

Farm Alianza Cafe

Country   Colombia

Area      Narino

Process   Washed

Variety  Castillo, Colombia, Caturra

Altitude  1,800-2,300m


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